The shards of a post 457 A.D. amphora from Gaza were discovered during excavations made underneath the Geneva Cathedral in 1980. Archeologists decided to reassemble the original amphora from the available shards. The resulting vessel stands as a unique, re-materialized sign of ancient routes, almost unimaginable today, that operated between a Gaza harbor and Geneva. Thus it holds a prominent position directly at the entrance of the archeological exhibition “Gaza at the crossroad of civilizations”, Musée d'art et d'histoire, Geneva. It now offers an intriguing reflection of that project's correspondences between Geneva and Gaza, which links to a proposition for a new Museum of Archeology on the excavation site of an ancient Gaza harbor.

Amphoras once served for shipping goods, documents/information, as well as for archival purposes. “Shar(e)d Domains” offers a new amphora as a contemporary update. Situated at the exhibition's midway point, it is reassembled through the museum language of artifacts and presentation displays, and establishes a contemporary expression through media / architectural and information aesthetics. The vessel's shard serves as the website for information and research undertaken during the course of the project development - and assumed in its future.

Shar(e)d Domains
Fareed Armaly
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