haus.0 | Artistic Director

Four-year program of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (1999–2002)

Oct.–Dec. | 2002


haus.0 originated exhibition project incl. prod. Installation, soundwork, screenings, talks, and printed/online matter

Exhibition commiss./works incl.:

Ruta Remake by Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas; Stadtluft by Wendelien van Oldenborgh; Coming Attraction by Constanze Ruhm; ein Prozess by Rainer Kirberg; Embodiment Label by Regina Moeller; My Favorite, Favorite Things by Mark Rakatansky; Von Citizen Tania zu Patty Hearst curated by Wilhelm Schürmann from works of Sammlung Schürmann Sammlung Wilhelm und Gabi Schürmann

Screening/Talks incl.:

Portrait of Shirley Clarke (1970) | Dir: Noël Burch, André Labarthe
What Do Those Old Films Mean? (1985) | Dir: Noël Burch
Red Hollywood (1995) | Dir: Thom Andersen and Noël Burch
Talk: Noël Burch

Les Maîtres Fous (1955) | Dir: Jean Rouch
Talk: Dr. Eva Hohenberger

Black and White in Color, Part One (1992) | Dir: Isaac Julien

Theme as Variation: A Few of My Things (2002)
Talk: Mark Rakatansky

Last Angel of History (1996) | Dir: John Akomfrah
Talk: John Akomfrah

A Civilian Occupation—The Politics of Israeli Architecture
Rafi Segal/Eyal Weizman, incl. Talk: Rafi Segal

July 17–19 | 2002

Geographies Out of Gender

Exhibition, screening and symposium commiss.

Talks incl. Yvonne P. Doderer, Bettina Fritzsche, Ute Meta Bauer
and Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Concept and led by: Yvonne P. Doderer

June 13 | 2002

A Trial

The indictment against Mr. Noethen, as undertaken by the Junior Lawyers of the District Court of the city of Frankfurt under the supervision of Matthias Mackenthun District Attorney/Frankfurt am Main
haus.0 originated exhibition project
Incl. event prod., performance and video documentation
Commiss. to Rainer Kirberg

May | 2002

Layeral Intersect

Performance, soundwork and talk
Kim Cascone

Apr. | 2002

Missing Link

1970-80 works from the Vienna-based Arbeitsgemeinschaft Missing Link
haus.0 originated exhibition project in collab. with Constanze Ruhm
Incl. talk by Missing Link member Otto Kapfinger

Apr. 12 | 2002

The Wild City—Genetics of Uncontrolled Urban Processes

Workshop and talk
STEALTH group (Ana Dzokic, Milica Topalovic and Marc Neelen)

March | 2002

Rashid Masharawi

Screenings | Shelter (1988); Live from Palestine (2002) | Dir: Rashid Masharawi
Discussion: Rashid Masharawi and Fareed Armaly

On the work of Ericson and Ziegler

Lecture: Mel Ziegler

Jan. 28 | 2002

ImHaus 5

Topic: The Next Step
ImHaus Series/Discussion for members over the self-definition of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart | Discussion with Board, Executive Board, Artistic Director | Before the planning for the next Artistic Director—organisational changes should be set into discussion

Jan. 20 | 2002

Terre Thaemlitz: Interstices

Event and electroacoustic performance

Dec. 07–08 | 2001

La Commune…The films of Peter Watkins

haus.0 originated screening project incl.
Punishment Park (USA 1971) | Dir: Peter Watkins
La Commune (Paris 1871) (F 1999) | Dir: Peter Watkins
The Universal Clock: The Resistance of Peter Watkins
(C 2001) | Dir: Geoff Bowie
Talk: Patrick Watkins and Rebond pour la Commune group

Nov.–Dec. | 2001

NICHT löschbares Feuer

Harun Farocki | Films, Videos Installations from 1968-2001
Discussion: Harun Farocki and Constanze Ruhm
Curator: Constanze Ruhm

Spuren der Inszenierung

haus.0 originated exhibition project
Harun Farocki, Olaf Metzel, and Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Aug. 2001

Revival Fields

Part three of project

“Planting” Planting in the testfield in Neckarwestheim Professor Römheld, University Hohenheim

June–July | 2001


Exhibition, screenings and talks
In: M/SOS, haus.0 originated workshop project

Screening the work of Peter Weiss
Selection of early avant-garde works (1952–57)
Incl. Studie II (Hallucinationer)/Study II (Hallucinations) (1952)
Marat/Sade (1967) | Dir: Peter Brooks, Script: Peter Weiss

Talks incl:
The Electronic Baroque Out of the Termite Stricken Collapse of the Cold War
Norman Klein

Serbia and the Social Space in the Nineties
Zoran Eric

The Belgrade Allegorical Puzzle
Stevan Vukovic

Workshop: Fareed Armaly, Rainer Kirberg, Norman Klein, Constanze Ruhm, Zoran Eric, and Stevan Vukovic

May–July | 2001

From Girls to Grrrlz:

A History of Women’s comics from Teens to Zines

haus.0 originated exhibition project and commiss.
Traveled to several institutions, incl. Secession Vienna
Incl. project website prod. and talk by curator
Curator: Trina Robbins

Apr.–May | 2001

Jack Goldstein

An Installation of Films from the Artist (19741978)
haus.0 originated exhibition project

March | 2001

Revival Fields

Part 2: greenhaus 03/2001 Project Presentation Mel Chin (USA)

Feb.–Apr. | 2001


haus.0 originated exhibition project
Anri Sala, Hollis Frampton, and Jonas Mekas, incl. Talk: Anri Sala

Silent Duel (2001); Intervista (1998) | Dir: Anri Sala
Nostalgia (1971) | Dir: Hollis Frampton
Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania (1971/72) | Dir: Jonas Mekas

Jan. | 2001

History and Identity Constructions
New Approaches in Documentary Cinema

Die leere Mitte (1988), Normalität 1-9 (1999/2000) | Dir: Hito Steyerl
Discussion: Hito Steyerl and Ute Meta Bauer
Organized by Ute Meta Bauer

Oct. 2000–Nov. | 2002

Revival Fields

Project Cycle/Installation/Media Mel Chin (USA) in collaboration with Hohenheim University
Part 3: The Planting; Part 2: greenhaus; Part 1: Revival Fields

Nov. 20 | 2001

Revival Fields

Part 1: “Presentation Outline” Presentation Mel Chin (USA) introduces Revival Fields outline (Oct. 2000–Oct. 2001) in collaboration with Hohenheim University

Oct. – Nov. | 2000

Illicit Form of Meditation

haus.0 originated exhibition project
Rodney Graham, Gordan Matta-Clark, and Constanze Ruhm

Splitting (1973) | Dir: Gordon Matta-Clark
Halcion Sleep (1994) | Dir: Rodney Graham
Evidence (2000) | Dir: Constanze Ruhm

Incl. Presentation: Constanze Ruhm, Circles of Confusion

Oct. 2000–Jan. 2001


Exhibition and Talk/Presentation
Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas

The Anita Pallenberg Story

Illusion Perdues | Last Installment no.5
haus.0 originated website project
Laura Cottingham

Apr.–July | 2000

AMP (Asiatic Mode of Production)

Forms of Contemporary Popular Asian Culture
From a Second-Generation Perspective

haus.0 originated exhibition project and commiss.
Incl. Talks, screening, and performances
Produced by: Ruby Sircar/haus.0 program

July | 2000


Performance commiss. and Public talk
Public talk | Florian Hecker, Kim Cascone, and Peter Rehberg
Performance | hecker f., pita, Kim Cascone
Organized by Florian Hecker

May 15 | 2000


Presentation Wolfgang Staehle/THE THING

March 03 | 2000

Mel Chin


Jan. | 2000

History and Identity Constructions
New Approaches in Documentary Cinema

Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask (1996)
Dir: Isaac Julien, Co-Author/Producer: Mark Nash
Discussion: Isaac Julien and Mark Nash
Organized by Ute Meta Bauer

Oct.–Jan. | 2000


haus.0 originated project
Exhibition, installation, architecture, soundwork, and estab. archives

4b : b4
Performance, composition: Otto Kränzler, Interpretation: Rainer Kirberg
Audio Installation/Archive–20 years production: Otto Kränzler

Audio Plug-In
Archive-20 years Künstlerhaus Audio Studio history
Otto Kränzler

Preservation Club/Persönliche Party Platten
Event/Installation: Rene Straub

Print Plug-In
Archive-20 years Künstlerhaus Publications
haus.0 Research Interviews with Künstlerhaus founding members

Video Plug-In
Archive-Kommunikationsgruppe > Videowerkstatt production history
haus.0 initiative, research and repackaging as VHS viewing tape series

Dec. 1999–Dec. 2000

The Melrose Plays

Rainer Kirberg
Commiss. | Workshop

July 1999–Oct. 2000

The Anita Pallenberg Story

haus.0 originated website project
Webseries in five installments
Laura Cottingham

Nov., 19–20 | 1999

The Anita Pallenberg Story | Dir: Laura Cottingham, Leslie Singer
30 minute excerpt video

Not for Sale: Feminism and Art in the USA during the 1970s (1998)
Videoessay: Laura Cottingham

Aug.–Nov. | 1999

Artist Once-Removed: On the Performances, Records,
Films and Paintings by Artist Jack Goldstein

haus.0 originated exhibition project
Traveled | Magasin-Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, F (2001)

Sept.–Nov. | 1999

Monodramas / Teleplays

Monodramas (1991)
Stan Douglas

Teleplays produced by Stuttgart-based SWR TV
Samuel Beckett

Screening | Film (1964) | Dir: Alan Schneider, Screenplay: Samuel Beckett

Oct. | 1999

cine16 Roadshow

haus.0 originated 16mm screening series of classroom educational films
Commiss. to Geoff Alexander | cine16
Screenings introduced: Geoff Alexander

22 / 10 / 1999
Choice of films

23 / 10 / 1999
Humanities and the Educational Film

29 / 10 / 1999
Astounding Films of Science

30 / 10 / 1999
Animation in the Educational Film

July 23 | 1999

P’s Memory

Die Letzte Rache (1982) | Dir: Rainer Kirberg
Talk: Rainer Kirberg

June–Aug. | 1999

The Global L.A. Pavilion

haus.0 originated exhibition project

Installation, soundwork, and workshop
Workshop for Scripted Spaces: The Chase and The Labyrinth exhibition
Led by Norman Klein; Sound Design/Notation system: Otto Kränzler

Scripted Spaces: The Chase and the Labyrinth

haus.0 originated exhibition project
Architecture, installation, and media
Norman Klein
Traveled to several institutions, incl. Witte de With CCA

May 21, 1999

Open Haus

haus.0 opening project
Exhibition, installation, architecture, soundwork, and media

Architecture renovation and restructuring
Website concept/realisation for both Künstlerhaus institution and haus.0 program

Shooters Bar from Melrose Place TV Series (1997)
Mel Chin/GALA Committee

Audio Plug-In
Lou Reed, Metal Machine Music (1975) RCA

Print Plug-In Footnote Library 1
Mark Rakatansky, “Spatial Narratives” (1991)

Video Plug-In
Trailer 1980 / 99


Initializing Program Website


June 05, 1999

haus.0 website haus-page concept initiated

May 21, 1999

haus.0 program opens to the public the new space of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

May 14, 1999

haus.0 website on-line in first stage a window for basic info, contact and navigation

May 01, 1999

Development and renovation of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart