“Report from Cologne: Changing of the Guard.”


“The American-born artist Fareed Armaly has been instrumental in orienting Nagel’s program towards institutional analysis and critique. Armaly began his European sojourn as an assistant to Joseph Kosuth and moved to Cologne in 1988. When Nagel opened his gallery there in 1990, Armaly helped him to arrange shows by Andrea Fraser, Renee Green and Mark Dion, Americans at that time unknown and now lionized in Germany. The debates, productive antagonisms and bonhomie of the artists loosely associated with Nagel’s gallery have yielded a kind of international surrogate family whose members represent a fairly equal balance of Americans and German-speakers; the latter include Stephan Dillemuth, Heimo Zobernig, who is Austrian, and Swiss-born Christian Philipp Muller. During the last four years, the Nagel group has gotten considerable exposure, chalking up group and individual shows in Munich, Brussels, London and New York.”